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  • Marcus King Band

    Marcus King Band
    Tue. Aug 27th
    8pm – 10:30pm

    at Walker Theatre

    Songwriter. Guitarist. Singer. Bandleader. At only 23 years of age, Marcus King has been writing songs and performing onstage for half his lifetime, delivering a blistering fried brand of blues and psychedelia inspired by rock n’ roll. All five members of the band—drummer Jack Ryan, bass player Stephen Campbell, trumpeter/trombonist Justin Johnson, sax player...

  • Debt Management 101

    Debt Management 101
    Wed. Aug 28th
    5:30pm – 6:30pm

    at The Chattery at Chattanooga Workspace

    Do you live with debt? This class is all about how to best manage current debt and what tools are available to help. The team at Bank of America will discuss the different types of rates, how to stop paying more than you should, and how to use the savings to apply to towards other debt or savings for other goals. We will discuss in detail what tools are...

  • Chattanooga Film Festival Presents: Bullitt

    Chattanooga Film Festival Presents: Bullitt
    Wed. Aug 28th
    7:30pm – 9:30pm

    at Miller Park

    Bullitt “There are bad cops and there are good cops—and then there's Bullitt.” So read the poster tagline of Peter Yates’ slam-bang 1968 cops and cool cars action cinema classic Bullitt. Featuring one of Steve McQueen’s most beloved screen appearances, throw in Jacqueline Bisset, Robert(s) Vaughn and Duvall respectively and one of the great car chases in the...

  • Create Your Own Hanging Terrarium

    Create Your Own Hanging Terrarium
    Thu. Aug 29th
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at The Chattery at Chattanooga Workspace

    Terrariums are perfect low maintenance, no fuss plant homes that make awesome gifts and can easily elevate a home's décor. In this class, you'll learn how to make a colorful, easy to care for hanging terrarium and receive tips and lessons on how to keep it healthy. We will talk about the different types of terrariums and why it works to create a...

  • Beginner Beading

    Beginner Beading
    Sat. Aug 31st
    10am – 11:30am

    at The Chattery at Chattanooga Workspace

    Want to learn the basic of beading? Know a bit but want to refine your gift? If you're ready to learn how to create your own jewelry this is the workshop for you. Together we will create a bracelet or necklace by: Selecting your materials Introducing tools and finding Learning the design basics Stringing beads Finishing like a pro This class will...

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