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  • Dread Hollow – Scream Break “Freaks Alive”

    Dread Hollow – Scream Break “Freaks Alive”
    Sat. Mar 23rd
    8pm – 10pm

    at Dread Hollow

    Across the Dread Hollow fairgrounds of the Brine Bros. Circus, resident Freaks beckon the arrival of Grimby the Garrulous - a notorious carny character who left victims at each stop on the carny's circuit. After his death, legend has it, any Freak can raise the spirit of Grimby with the chanting of “One of Us”...GRIMBY HAS COME! Are you brave enough to meet...

  • Battle Below the Clouds

    Battle Below the Clouds
    Sat. Apr 13th
    9am – 7pm

    at Ruby Falls

    Register your team for the Ruby Falls 5th annual Battle Below the Clouds amateur barbecue cook off benefitting Lana's Love Foundation. Amateur grillers and smokers are invited to compete for bragging rights as the best backyard cooks in Chattanooga. Independent judges select the winning teams for Best Pulled Pork, Best Ribs, and Grand Champion. Test your...

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