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  • The Art Of Mindfulness

    The Art Of Mindfulness
    1pm – 2pm

    at The Chattery

    Coasting and living the mundane day to day yet knowing there’s more out there? Or do you need guidance to help align to your highest potential and understand the transition that’s happening within your life? This is the event for you. Learn techniques needed to navigate and grow through life's challenges, tune into your own energetic frequencies, discover...

  • Futurebirds

    Sat. Apr 20th
    8pm – 11:30pm

    at The Signal

    Rock juggernaut Futurebirds' newest EP, Bloomin' Too, is a benchmark that not only celebrates 13 years together, it's also a testament to the sheer iron will of a group of musicians hungry for the fruits of its labor. "Futurebirds is the best it's been right now, far and away," says singer/guitarist Carter King. "We've been unintentionally carving out our...

  • The Tortured Poet 101: Introduction To Writing Poetry

    The Tortured Poet 101: Introduction To Writing Poetry
    Sat. Apr 27th
    12:30pm – 2pm

    at The Chattery

    Yes, while the title is a Taylor Swift reference it is much more You don’t have to be a Swiftie to benefit from this introductory course on writing poetry. The goal is to get you to write more of it. Write more poetry, your poetry. Everyone has an inner poet who’s been tortured and needs to be saved. Won’t you save the tortured poet? About the...

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