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  • Maker Day

    Maker Day
    Sat. Aug 3rd
    10am – 5pm

    at Chattanooga Public Library

    Chattanooga's Downtown Library will be filled with four levels of fun for the entire family for the inaugural Maker Day! Attendees can enjoy an interactive exhibit of the 10 year history of the 4th Floor Makerspace; live demos, talks and workshops from today's avid 4th Floor-made brands, businesses, artisans; and "2034: Chattanooga in the Making" to...

  • Pirates, Parrots & Princesses Day

    Pirates, Parrots & Princesses Day
    Sat. Aug 3rd
    10am – 1pm

    at Chattanooga Zoo

    Put on your finest royal or buccaneer attire for a magical day at the Zoo! Embark on a treasure hunt, visit spectacular Zoo animals and meet your favorite pirates and princesses, and more. Characters such as Jack Sparrow, Moana, Rapunzel and more provided by Magic Lamp Entertainment. This event is free with Zoo general admission, and children 12 years old...

  • Ruby Falls Lantern Tours: Ghost Walk Edition

    Ruby Falls Lantern Tours: Ghost Walk Edition
    Sun. Sep 8th
    9pm – 10:30pm

    at Ruby Falls

    This after-hours special edition Lantern Tour features ghost stories from the 95-year history of Ruby Falls and eerie Chattanooga legends. On the way to the waterfall, hear the tales and visit the sites of peculiar encounters, mischievous mayhem, and tragedy while exploring the cavern with a guide by the light of handheld lanterns. Runs select dates in...

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