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  • Introduction to Public Speaking – Two Part Workshop

    Introduction to Public Speaking – Two Part Workshop
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at The Chattery

    Whether you wrestle with butterflies in your stomach to face the world's #1 fear, or consider yourself an old pro, you will enjoy the results of this high-energy, interactive public speaking seminar. In this two-part series you will learn a simple, easy method to crafting a message that can be applied to every speech engagement. Learn tips, tricks,...

  • Citizen Cope

    Citizen Cope
    8pm – 10pm

    at Walker Theatre

    Ask him how he knew it was time to record a new studio album and Clarence Greenwood, the trailblazing artist and producer better known as Citizen Cope, has a simple answer: “It was time.” Cope has built an entire career on trusting his gut and following his muse, and if his new album, ‘Heroin & Helicopters,’ is any indication, his instincts are sharper now than...

  • Improv at Work

    Improv at Work
    Wed. Jan 22nd
    6pm – 8pm

    at The Chattery

    Improv comedians aren't the only ones making it up as they go along. We improvise every day, from developing design solutions on the fly to putting out fires for clients to shooting the breeze at the water cooler. This class identifies and reinforces the improv principles many of us already use to negotiate with customers or managers, manage an effective...

  • Get Started Making Helpful Videos

    Get Started Making Helpful Videos
    Wed. Jan 22nd
    6:30pm – 7:30pm

    at The Chattery

    Get started teaching others online! If you’ve ever dreamed of teaching others through videos, this class will help you get started with the equipment you already have on hand - your phone or computer. By the end of this class, you’ll be able to use this 5 step system to create a professional, helpful, and high quality video and share it online. You’ll...

  • Corporate Identity & Branding

    Corporate Identity & Branding
    Thu. Jan 23rd
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at The Chattery

    Does your side hustle or new small business need a quality logo? Learn what goes into creating a good logo and how to establish an identity standard document for your company. In this class we’ll look at examples of good logos and bad logos and discuss what makes a logo iconic or better suited to be a first grader’s art project. We’ll discuss how to find a...

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