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  • Artful Yoga with Jess Twig

    Artful Yoga with Jess Twig
    Sun. Jul 3rd
    1:30pm – 3pm

    at Hunter Museum of American Art

    Enjoy an art-inspired yoga practice with yoga instructor Jess Twig. Today’s practice will be inspired by the Enchanted exhibit, so we welcome participants to come in fantasy-themed costumes too.

  • Garden Crafts: Tea Cup Fairy Gardens

    Garden Crafts: Tea Cup Fairy Gardens
    Wed. Jul 6th
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at The Chattery

    Presented by The Chattery: In this class, you’ll use a beautiful tea cup to create a fun fairy garden! This magical garden will be the perfect addition to your home decor. All supplies included. Masks are optional. About the instructor: Karen Creel is the owner of Gardenchick, member of the Garden Coach Society and a certified Garden Coach. She lives on...

  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback Thursday
    Thu. Jul 7th
    4pm – 8pm

    at Hunter Museum of American Art

    Enjoy free admission to the permanent collection and $5 general admission to the current exhibition Enchanted: A History of Fantasy Illustration. Members and youth 17 and under free.

  • Fantasy Game Night

    Fantasy Game Night
    Thu. Jul 7th
    5:30pm – 7:30pm

    at Hunter Museum of American Art

    All table-top gamers are invited to a game night at the Hunter to join a short one-shot DnD campaign with premade character sheets or to play board games like Catan and Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill. You’ll have a chance to explore the new exhibit Enchanted, featuring illustrations from Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manuals. Free and open to all.

  • Photography Lighting Basics 101

    Photography Lighting Basics 101
    Thu. Jul 7th
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at The Chattery

    Presented by The Chattery: Lights, Camera, Action! Have you ever wondered why lights come first in this phrase? In this class, you will learn the basic lighting techniques as well as explore different lighting sources when it comes to photography or videography. Participants need only to bring a DSLR/ mirrorless camera or camera phone. Do you have a...

  • Altered Book Journaling Class

    Altered Book Journaling Class
    Sat. Jul 9th
    10am – 12pm

    at The Chattery

    Presented by The Chattery: Never be intimidated by a blank page again. Expand your creativity as you use a published book to explore several journal styles including blackout poetry, color swatching, doodling, collage and so much more! You will receive a book or magazine, paint, brush, stencils, paper and ephemera personally curated for a fun and...

  • Mortgage and Homebuying 101

    Mortgage and Homebuying 101
    Sat. Jul 9th
    12:30pm – 1:30pm

    at The Chattery

    Presented by The Chattery: Buying a home always seems like an impossible and expensive venture. This class breaks down the homebuying process, explains the ins and outs of mortgages and loan programs, and equips you with the knowledge to confidently navigate the housing industry. The reality of owning a home is much more attainable than you think, and...

  • Sunday Studio

    Sunday Studio
    Sun. Jul 10th
    2pm – 4pm

    at Hunter Museum of American Art

    Enjoy drop-in art experiences for kids and families. Make your own mystical masks inspired by works in the Hunter’s special exhibit “Enchanted.” Family programming is generously sponsored by The Mark Hite Team.

  • Beginner Tai Chi Class

    Beginner Tai Chi Class
    Tue. Jul 12th
    9:30am – 11am

    at The Chattery

    Presented by The Chattery and UT Extension: This class will introduce Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health program. Certified instructor June Puett will share warm up, six basic movements and cool down exercises suitable for any fitness level including seated. This slow, gentle form of Tai Chi is evidence based to reduce arthritis symptoms and prevent falls...

  • Anastasia

    Tue. Jul 12th
    7:30pm – 9:30pm

    at Memorial Auditorium

    Inspired by the beloved films, the romantic and adventure filled new musical ANASTASIA is on a journey to Chattanooga at last! From the Tony Award winning creators of the Broadway classic Ragtime, this dazzling show transports us from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, as a brave young woman sets out to discover the...

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