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  • Strength & Vulnerability: Paintings and Sculptures by John McLeod

    Strength & Vulnerability:  Paintings and Sculptures by John McLeod
    Fri. May 1st
    5:30pm – 9pm

    at Townsend Atelier Gallery

    Townsend Atelier opens its new Townsend Atelier Gallery space with a solo show by John McLeod. In a solo show at Chattanooga’s Townsend Atelier gallery opening May 1, McLeod introduces this concept with several integrated sets of paintings and sculptures-each related to a common subject- that explore this new direction his art is taking.His new collection...

  • Oil Painting II

    Oil Painting II
    Mon. May 4th
    thru Mon. May 25th

    at Townsend Atelier

    A great great follow-up to any oil class, but particularly to Mia’s Intro to Oil Painting, though not necessary, this class will continue building on the strong foundations of learning to oil paint. Students will work with a limited palette, learning to mix colors they see from life. Mia will guide students as they work from a still life, practicing drawing,...

  • Watercolor Portraits with Nick Runge

    Watercolor Portraits with Nick Runge
    Sat. May 16th
    thru Sun. May 17th

    at Townsend Atelier

    In this two-day workshop, visiting artist, Nick Runge will teach students how to paint a portrait in watercolor. Nick will first demonstrate his approach and method while explaining the choices he makes, the intuition that he works with, and chances taken while painting a portrait. As students work on their own paintings, Nick will offer guidance,...

  • Still Life Form and Structure Painting Workshop with Catherine Kehoe

    Still Life Form and Structure Painting Workshop with Catherine Kehoe
    Mon. Jun 1st
    thru Fri. Jun 5th

    at Townsend Atelier

    We are thrilled to bring Catherine Kehoe back to Townsend Atelier for another workshop in 2020. Her workshops fill up quickly so register as soon as you are able. Still life will be the starting point for exploration of the pictorial structure, space, and invention. We will create images in the simplest terms: a series of shapes and colors made of paint...

  • Summer Art Camp

    Summer Art Camp
    Mon. Jun 8th
    9am – 3pm

    at Townsend Atelier

    Spend your summer at Townsend Atelier! Our popular summer art camp is back with all-new art experiences for your child with the addition of a new half-day session for ages 3-5 and a half-day open studio for teens. Choose from six different week-long sessions designed for ages 3-17. Each session is thoughtfully designed and taught by our professional...

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