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  • Evolution Of A Museum

    Evolution Of A Museum
    thru Fri. Dec 31st, 2021

    at Hunter Museum of American Art

    With three buildings spanning different architectural periods and housing an important collection of American art, the Hunter Museum commands quite a physical presence on the bluff overlooking the Tennessee River and, since its 1952 founding, has played a critical role in Chattanooga’s cultural life. The physical development of the Hunter Museum, from the...

  • Baggs Mckelvey: Indigo

    Baggs Mckelvey: Indigo
    thru Mon. Aug 30th, 2021

    at Hunter Museum of American Art

    Inspired by the Robert Rauschenberg painting Opal Reunion, one of the works in the Hunter’s permanent collection, Chattanooga artist Baggs McKelvey will create a site-specific, year-long installation constructed primarily of denim. Denim is iconic in the U.S., with connotations ranging from slavery in the production of cotton and indigo dyes, to Americana...

  • Depicting The Invisible

    Depicting The Invisible
    thru Sun. May 9th, 2021

    at Hunter Museum of American Art

    Depicting the Invisible, the Hunter’s newest Collection Focus exhibition, presents the lasting impact of wartime trauma. The title of this exhibition is borrowed from artist Susan J. Barron’s series, Depicting the Invisible: A Portrait Series of Veterans Suffering from PTSD. Two of Barron’s large-scale, black-and-white portraits anchor the gallery, alongside...

  • Ashley V. Blalock: Bridging The Hunter

    Ashley V. Blalock: Bridging The Hunter
    thru Sun. Jan 16th

    at Hunter Museum of American Art

    San Diego-based artist Ashley V. Blalock is best known for her enormous crocheted red doilies. Her works fuse craft and fine art and are inspired by everyday artifacts from the domestic sphere. Responding to the Hunter Museum’s architecture and considering how people walk through the space, Blalock’s large-scale, site-specific, year-long installation will...

  • Home Canning 101 – Online Class

    Home Canning 101 – Online Class
    1pm – 3pm

    at The Chattery

    Has quarantine gardening produced more fruits and vegetables than you’re prepared for? Beginner and experienced home food preservers can benefit from this overview of safe preserving methods and equipment needed for canning food. Canning food at home involves adding food to jars and heating them to high enough temperature to kill microorganisms that can...

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