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  • Watercolor Sketching: A Half-Day Workshop

    Watercolor Sketching: A Half-Day Workshop
    Sat. Feb 22nd
    9am – 1pm

    at The Chattery

    This half-day workshop will cover all basic concepts of sketching, gesture drawing, pen and ink, and watercolor. The class will provide students the foundation needed to establish a daily sketching practice. Students will head outside to work on how to capture buildings and people, build a loose sketch, add ink and finish with watercolor. Supplies: All...

  • Pelvic Floor and Core

    Pelvic Floor and Core
    Sat. Feb 22nd
    2pm – 3pm

    at The Chattery

    Ever told yourself you have a "tiny bladder" because you visit the loo so frequently? Or had uncomfortable moments when you cough, sneezed, jumped, or laughed? What about dealing with a sensation of "having to relieve your bladder ASAP"? Or experienced pelvic pain? Or just never felt quite right after having kiddos? If you said yes to any of these, this...

  • Gordon Lightfoot

    Gordon Lightfoot
    Sat. Feb 22nd
    8pm – 10pm

    at Tivoli Theatre

    Gordon Lightfoot’s upcoming show at the Tivoli Theatre is postponed to Saturday, February 22nd. Gordon sustained an injury and although his doctor has full confidence he will make a complete recovery, he cannot travel for the near future. All tickets purchased for the original show will be honored at the new date of Saturday, February 22nd. Thank you for...

  • Postpartum: Caring for Yourself and Caring for a New Tiny Human

    Postpartum: Caring for Yourself and Caring for a New Tiny Human
    Sun. Feb 23rd
    2pm – 4pm

    at The Chattery

    This class will be an overview of the postpartum period. We will talk about how to prepare emotionally, and practically for the transition into parenthood. Adding a new baby is a big adjustment so let talk about what to expect during this transition. What supports mom is likely to need during this time and how to access them will be discussed. Other topics...

  • Home Buyer Happy Hour

    Home Buyer Happy Hour
    Mon. Feb 24th
    6pm – 7pm

    at The Chattery

    Do you think you're ready to buy a home but don't know where to start? In this course, we will cover all the things you'll encounter as a first-time home buyer: working with a realtor, mortgages, finding a lender, what to expect from closing costs, how much money to have set aside for emergencies, paying bills, and more. Come with any questions you may...

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