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  • Student Loan Repayment Workshop

    Student Loan Repayment Workshop
    6pm – 7pm

    at The Chattery

    This student loan repayment session will focus on different payment plan options and how to decide which is best for you, plus which career fields offer options for loan forgiveness. More about this workshop: Studies have shown that financially educated consumers actively plan for retirement and accrue more wealth over time than those who do not have the...

  • Microsoft Power BI Beginner Online Bootcamp

    Microsoft Power BI Beginner Online Bootcamp
    Sat. Jan 22nd
    9am – 12pm

    at Online

    Presented by The Chattery: What is this thing called Power BI? Power BI allows you to take large amounts of data and transform the data to tell a story using dynamic charts and graphs called dashboards. You are able to quickly and easily tell your data's story with the visualization of your data. This will help your team make strategic business decisions...

  • Small Business New Year: Planning for a Year of Growth (Online)

    Small Business New Year: Planning for a Year of Growth (Online)
    Sat. Jan 22nd
    10am – 12pm

    at Online

    Regardless of how we ended 2021, it is clear that the busy end of the holiday season can make a tough start to the new year for small businesses. Our businesses will need some recovery time. Recovery is defined as the ACTION or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost. How do you possibly take ACTION at a time like this? With...

  • Branding 101 (Online)

    Branding 101 (Online)
    Sat. Jan 22nd
    1pm – 2pm

    Virtual Event Hosted by The Chattery

    What does your branding say about your company? From the golden arches to a checkmark that tells you to get up and do something, branding is speaking for businesses everywhere. Let's have a conversation about how your brand goes beyond a logo. About the instructor: Born and raised in Chattanooga, Jordan Scruggs is a communicator and activist specializing...

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