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  • Navigating Your Student Loans – ONLINE CLASS

    Navigating Your Student Loans – ONLINE CLASS
    Thu. Jun 11th
    5:30pm – 6:30pm

    at The Chattery

    With an average student loan balance of over $30,000 many millennials feel their debt is holding them back and are putting off important life milestones like home ownership and retirement. Rightfully so - student loans are a burden and taking on more debt is unwise. But what is a millennial to do when you just want is to live an enjoyable life.In this class...

  • Inappropriate Tea Party – ONLINE CLASS

    Inappropriate Tea Party – ONLINE CLASS
    Fri. Jun 12th
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at The Chattery

    This is going to be a totally beginner friendly paint class. So if you want to learn to paint this ever so sweet and EASY Lilly Pulitzer-esque print and get out a little frustration, this is for you. If you are tired of being a perfect lil lady (or gent)...just say to hell with it. Supplies needed below. Please try to buy locally if possible from Art...

  • Egg Tempera Painting

    Egg Tempera Painting
    Sat. Jun 13th
    thru Sun. Jun 14th

    at Townsend Atelier

    This two-day workshop will cover how to make your own egg tempera paint and techniques on how to use it. Egg tempera is an ancient, romantic, and finely crafted medium that conjures images of altarpieces and icons. A perfect painting medium for skilled draftsmen, egg tempera is a very quick drying medium that essentially allows one to draw with paint in...

  • Watercolor Sketching: Flowers – ONLINE CLASS

    Watercolor Sketching: Flowers – ONLINE CLASS
    Sat. Jun 13th
    10am – 11:30am

    at The Chattery

    For this class, we'll be painting the wonderful result of all the terrible pollen - flowers! In this class, artist Jaime Barks will walk through the process of drawing, adding ink, and watercolor to flowers. Each student is encouraged to create a bouquet using flowers from your yard, purchase them from a local florist, or use a photo of flowers on your...

  • Memory Keeping in Quarantine – ONLINE CLASS

    Memory Keeping in Quarantine – ONLINE CLASS
    Sat. Jun 13th
    3pm – 4pm

    at The Chattery

    Do you love the idea of scrapbooking to look back on your memories but think it's too overwhelming? Then this class is for you! Give your post-pandemic plans a boost by taking a little time to creatively look back on all of the memories you made while quarantined and safe at home. 2020 is certainly not what we expected it to be but it is proving to be...

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