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  • Rob Bell: An Introduction to Joy

    Rob Bell: An Introduction to Joy
    Fri. Jun 21st
    8pm – 9:30pm

    at Walker Theatre

    Rob Bell is the New York Times best selling author of Love Wins, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, The Zimzum of Love, How To Be Here and What is the Bible?. His podcast, called the RobCast, is the #1 spirituality podcast and iTunes named it Best of 2015. He’s been profiled in the New Yorker, toured with Oprah, and in 2011 Time Magazine named him...

  • The Chattery Presents: Understanding How ESP Works

    The Chattery Presents: Understanding How ESP Works
    Mon. Jun 24th
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at The Chattery at Chattanooga Workspace

    Do you think about someone you haven’t seen in awhile only to see that person? Get a feeling to avoid certain roadways and find out it was blocked by wrecks? Have you ever met someone and got bad “vibes “ and hear some terrible news about him or her? Everyone has some degree of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) by virtue of being human. This class will teach...

  • Chris Tomlin Christmas

    Chris Tomlin Christmas
    Tue. Dec 3rd
    7:30pm – 9pm

    at Tivoli Theatre

    From his rural Texas roots, cutting his chops on his father’s Country-Western record collection, to the small Baptist church where he was first compelled by congregational singing, and now in his current position as the definitive worship leader for the worldwide church, Chris Tomlin has always been motivated to provide spiritual seekers a voice to talk with...

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