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  • Chattanooga Holistic Festival

    Chattanooga Holistic Festival
    Sun. Aug 30th
    2pm – 6pm

    at Crabtree Farms

    Chattanooga's Holistic Festival is back at Crabtree Farms Sunday, August 30th from 2-6pm. Join us for a fun and informative festival for the whole family. Featuring local food and drink as well as information sessions and yoga classes. Take time to enjoy all that Crabtree Farms has to offer as you explore this wonderful urban farm! Schedule of...

  • Valley Vibes Music & Arts Festival

    Valley Vibes Music & Arts Festival
    Fri. Oct 16th
    thru Sun. Oct 18th

    at Cherokee Farms

    The top bands in the Tennessee Valley unite for the penultimate local music festival at Cherokee Farms. Enjoy two nights of music, art, dancing, pro wrestling, and camping! Featuring lively tunes from: Strung Like A Horse Behold the Brave Milele Roots The Afternooners River Funk Hour Late Oweda Stoned Cold Fox SevenStones The Pearloids Good...

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