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  • BrickUniverse Chattanooga LEGO® Fan Expo

    BrickUniverse Chattanooga LEGO® Fan Expo
    thru Sun. Jan 29th

    at Chattanooga Convention & Trade Center

    Since 2014, BrickUniverse has helped inspire thousands of LEGO® enthusiasts in over 60+ events in cities all across the United States. Meet professional LEGO® artists from around the world and be inspired by their incredible LEGO® creations from intricate displays to massive creations made with hundred of thousands of LEGO® bricks. Spend time with the artists...

  • Little Owl Fairy House Festival and 5k

    Little Owl Fairy House Festival and 5k
    Sat. May 27th
    9:30am – 4:30pm

    at Audubon Acres

    Visit Audubon Acres for a day of fun! This low-key event will feature the Little Owl 5K, vendors, and local music. For 2023 we have added a whimsical theme to the event. Home-school students, schools, groups, and individuals can create whimsical fairy houses out of natural materials that will be showcased on one of our trails. Event goers will be able to...

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