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  • Learn A Powerful Technique To Connect To Yourself

    Learn A Powerful Technique To Connect To Yourself
    11:30am – 1pm

    at The Chattery

    Did you realize you have a guide that stays with you throughout your life waiting to help? Now is the time to connect and it is easier than you realize. Join mystic Alena Chapman as she shares all the angels, guides and others eager to connect with you and how they can help you. Additionally, the class will connect you with the guide meant for you at this...

  • Beginner’s Guide To Travel Photography

    Beginner’s Guide To Travel Photography
    12:30pm – 1:30pm

    at The Chattery

    Learn the tips, tools, and tricks used by professional travel journalists whose photography has been featured by Lonely Planet, Atlas Obscura, The Discoverer, and numerous in-flight magazines and travel sites from around the world. About the instructors: Mike and Angela Ballard are passionate about travel. They’ve visited over 150 countries and territories...

  • Candle Making 101

    Candle Making 101
    2pm – 4pm

    at The Chattery

    You will be instructed on how to safely mix in your fragrance, add your wicks, and pour the blended wax into your candle jar. At the end of the class, you will leave with your very own cured candle. You can light the candle the next day to test the hot throw (strength of the scent), or wait 48 hours to burn it to get a stronger hot throw. *Candles are made...

  • Beadwork Embroidery: Make Your Own Brooch

    Beadwork Embroidery: Make Your Own Brooch
    2:30pm – 4:30pm

    at The Chattery

    Participants can embroider their own designs or use templates provided by the instructor. Please note: All supplies included. About the instructor: Athena Buxton is a local art educator, printmaker, and lover of all things craft. After earning a Masters of Arts in Art History and Museum Education, Athena dedicated her career to teaching both children and...

  • Tea + Tarot

    Tea + Tarot
    3pm – 4:30pm

    at The Chattery

    Get cozy and centered with a guided meditation, poetry, and tarot reading. Your intuition can be a powerful tool to help you make decisions and navigate life in alignment with your purpose. Working with tarot will help you learn to listen and find stillness amidst the chaos. Teacher Mariah Friend will pull a themed spread for the group and provide journal...

  • Big And Bright Acrylic Floral Painting

    Big And Bright Acrylic Floral Painting
    Mon. Apr 15th
    6pm – 8pm

    at The Chattery

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, you will create your own floral painting with big, bright flowers. You get to pick your color scheme for this piece, and you can add your own flair to it if you wish! No painting experience necessary. All supplies included. About the instructor: A southern girl with a creative heart, Katie Brobst is a...

  • Build A High Converting Content Calendar

    Build A High Converting Content Calendar
    Mon. Apr 15th
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at The Chattery

    In this workshop, learn how to create a strategic content plan that drives engagement, nurtures leads, and boosts conversions. Whether you're a beginner looking to establish a solid content strategy or a seasoned marketer seeking to enhance your existing approach, this workshop is for you. Take the first step towards building a high converting content...

  • Two Part Spanish 101 For Beginners

    Two Part Spanish 101 For Beginners
    Tue. Apr 16th
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at The Chattery

    Offered in a relaxed and casual environment, and lead in English and Spanish, this two-part workshop focuses on the development and pronunciation of basic Spanish vocabulary and a brief overview of Hispanic culture. You will learn fundamentals including basic greetings, introductions and other polite phrases commonly used in Conversational Spanish. This...

  • Ceramics 101: Make Your Own Face Vase

    Ceramics 101: Make Your Own Face Vase
    Wed. Apr 17th
    6pm – 8pm

    at The Chattery

    Join our adult pottery class and unleash your creativity by crafting your very own face vase! Our instructor from Scenic City Clay Arts will guide you through every step of the process. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, you'll enjoy creating and personalizing your vase using handbuilding techniques. This class offers a perfect blend of...

  • Social Security Educational Workshop

    Social Security Educational Workshop
    Thu. Apr 18th
    6pm – 7pm

    at The Chestnut Hall at The Commons

    Join us for a free class on Social Security: Maximizing Benefits & Minimizing Taxes with local registered Financial Advisor Nathan Cox. Learn strategies to help maximize your social security benefits & minimize your taxes. Social Security is the first or second largest source of income for most retirees. Make sure you get the facts before you file! New laws...

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