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  • The Chattery Presents “Stress Management Series: Dealing with Stress”

    The Chattery Presents “Stress Management Series: Dealing with Stress”
    thru Wed. Aug 30th

    at Chattanooga WorkSpace

    THREE WEDNESDAYS IN AUGUSTAUGUST 16, 23 & 306PM-7PM Have you ever wondered how to better manage your stress? Have you often felt overwhelmed by stress and wondered, "Where is this coming from?" or "Why is everyone causing me so much stress?" Join us for a course on gaining new knowledge and tools to use when you're feeling stressed out. In the first class,...

  • The Chattery Presents “Beginner’s Astrology”

    The Chattery Presents “Beginner’s Astrology”
    6pm – 7pm

    at Chattanooga WorkSpace

    Astrology is the study of the relationship between the relative positions of certain celestial bodies and life here on earth. Because the word astrology comes from the Greek words astron, meaning ‘star' and logos, meaning ‘word', we can literally translate astrology to mean the language of the stars. A language and practice that has developed over thousands...

  • The Chattery Presents “Immigration: Where Are We Now?”

    The Chattery Presents “Immigration: Where Are We Now?”
    Thu. Aug 24th
    6pm – 7pm

    at The Edney Innovation Center

    The United States government is currently taking a “hard line” approach to immigration. From the travel ban, to “extreme vetting,” to increased use of detention the current policies have a profound effect on how America’s immigration laws are enforced. At the same time, however, rulings from a number of Federal courts have demonstrated that the...

  • The Chattery Presents “The Art of Authentic Presence”

    The Chattery Presents “The Art of Authentic Presence”
    Thu. Aug 31st
    5:30pm – 7pm

    at Chattanooga WorkSpace

    Authentic presence means being in touch with your true self: heart, mind, body and soul. When you are truly in touch with your Authentic Self you open the door to the rich and wonderful relationships that can occur between human beings, whether at work, play, or in love. Speaking and listening from your Authentic Self is to be fully present, with yourself...

  • Ready, Set, Buy Happy Hour

    Thu. Aug 31st
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise

    Join us for FREE brews while we teach you how you can own for less than renting.Thinking about purchasing a home of your own? Now is the perfect time to buy! CNE will guide you through the homeownership process.

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