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  • Homebuyer Workshop

    Sat. Oct 21st
    9am – 5pm

    at Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise

    At CNE’s 8-hour Homebuyer Workshop, we walk you through the in-depth process of buying a home. Using the Realizing the American Dream curriculum for homebuyers, this workshop addresses any questions you might have. We help you assess your readiness to buy a home as well as managing your money, understanding your credit, obtaining a mortgage loan, and much...

  • The Chattery Presents “No Pressure: Instant Pot 101”

    The Chattery Presents “No Pressure: Instant Pot 101”
    Tue. Oct 24th
    6pm – 8pm

    at The Chattery at Chattanooga WorkSpace

    So you bought an Instant Pot when they were dirt cheap on Amazon and now you aren't sure what to do with it. Maybe stories about pressure cookers exploding have curbed your motivation? Never fear. This class will make your Instant Pot your new best friend, as we whip up Asian pork tacos and rice - from start to finish (eating time included!) in under two...

  • The Chattery Presents “The Way of Chá: The History of Chinese Tea”

    The Chattery Presents “The Way of Chá: The History of Chinese Tea”
    Wed. Oct 25th
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at Wildflower Tea Shop and Apothecary

    Tea is purportedly the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water. With such wide variety in production and consumption methods around the globe, as well as hundreds of blends and flavors, moving past an Earl Grey or iced tea and on to the elusive loose stuff can seem to be quite the ordeal. This class will explore the history of Chá (Mandarin...

  • The Chattery Presents “SQL Basics”

    The Chattery Presents “SQL Basics”
    Wed. Nov 1st
    6:30pm – 8:30pm

    at The Edney Innovation Center

    Learn one of the most valuable skills in corporate America, Structured Query Language (SQL)! In this course, we will query large data sets via Microsoft SQL Server. This course will cover real world Fortune 500 SQL Query Examples. This is a true beginner's course. If you have little to no SQL experience or looking for a smooth refresher, then this course is...

  • Mini-Money School

    Mini-Money School
    Sat. Nov 18th
    9:30am – 1pm

    at Red Bank High School

    Join us at Red Bank High School on November 18th for Mini-Money School! In partnership with Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) and Northside Neighborhood House (NNH), Mini-Money School will feature some of the most popular subjects from Money School, from credit score repair to retirement. This event is open to anyone aged 13 or older. Doors will...

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