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  • Small Works | Big Impact Painting Workshop with Cindy Procious

    Small Works | Big Impact Painting Workshop with Cindy Procious
    Sat. Jun 27th
    thru Sun. Jun 28th

    at Townsend Atelier

    Back by popular demand! Students will set up a small still life using a single object of their choice, and working on a 5 x 7” or 6 x 6” panel, to create their own tiny painting that packs a big punch. Students can bring their own cherished toy straight from childhood or found on Ebay prior to the workshop 🙂Emphasis will be placed on using basic principles...

  • Telling a Story Through Still Life

    Telling a Story Through Still Life
    Sat. Jul 11th
    thru Sun. Jul 12th

    at Townsend Atelier

    Still life painting can offer a world of learning benefits to artists- not only can we study the techniques of oil painting, but we can also learn to use visuals as a way to communicate ideas. This class is designed to look at both of those aspects of a still life- how do you paint it, and what does it mean to you? Students will work from still life’s set up...

  • Try Oil Painting | Just Bring Yourself

    Try Oil Painting | Just Bring Yourself
    Sat. Jul 18th
    10am – 5pm

    at Townsend Atelier

    This two-day workshop is designed for those who would like to try oil painting, but don’t want to buy all the materials needed, or don’t know what products are best to buy. The instructor will provide each participant with all the supplies needed for the workshop. These will include a palette, medium cups, brush washing jar, a high-quality painting knife,...

  • Painting Trees in the Landscape

    Painting Trees in the Landscape
    Sat. Aug 1st
    thru Sun. Aug 2nd

    at Townsend Atelier

    Trees are a very common element in landscape painting, appearing in almost all landscapes, with a few exceptions such as desert scenes. Therefore, it is essential to be able to paint credible images of trees. The degree of skill painting trees can make or break a landscape painting. A beautifully painted tree can even be the main focus of a painting. Many...

  • Oil Painting I

    Oil Painting I
    Tue. Aug 4th
    thru Tue. Aug 25th

    at Townsend Atelier

    We have added a daytime class of this popular class for those students who are not able to take evening classes. Join Mia as she helps students work their way through the fundamentals of oil painting, including an explanation of materials, drawing, and values. This class will be taught to start in black and white, helping students create a solid foundation...

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