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  • Oil Painting I

    Oil Painting I
    Mon. Mar 23rd
    thru Mon. Apr 13th

    at Townsend Atelier

    Join Mia as she helps students work their way through the fundamentals of oil painting, including an explanation of materials, drawing, and values. This class will be taught to start in black and white, helping students create a solid foundation for working in color later. Working with only two colors also allows students to more freely explore drawing and...

  • Egg Tempera Painting

    Egg Tempera Painting
    Sat. Mar 28th
    thru Sun. Mar 29th

    at Townsend Atelier

    This two-day workshop will cover how to make your own egg tempera paint and techniques on how to use it. Egg tempera is an ancient, romantic, and finely crafted medium that conjures images of altarpieces and icons. A perfect painting medium for skilled draftsmen, egg tempera is a very quick drying medium that essentially allows one to draw with paint in...

  • Exploring Sashiko and Handstitching

    Exploring Sashiko and Handstitching
    Sat. Apr 4th
    10am – 3pm

    at Townsend Atelier

    Participants will learn the basics behind hand-stitching, as well as the stitches and patterns of Sashiko stitching, as well as how to transfer patterns to fabric. After learning the basic rules of Sashiko, participants will then be encouraged to bend those rules and develop their own stitching voice. Participants will learn the meditative and mindful...

  • Handpiecing a Naturally Dyed Quilt

    Sun. Apr 5th
    10am – 4pm

    at Townsend Atelier

    In this workshop, participants will explore the extensive worlds of indigo, hand-stitching, and quilt-making. In the first part of the workshop, participants will learn to dye natural material in a plant-derived indigo vat and learn basic shibori techniques for pattern making. Participants will then learn introductory hand piecing techniques for creating a...

  • Painting the Interior with Carlos San Milan

    Painting the Interior with Carlos San Milan
    Fri. Apr 17th
    10am – 5pm

    at Townsend Atelier

    Carlos is a master at painting everyday objects and interiors in a conceptual and abstracted way. In this three-day workshop, Carlos will teach his approach to painting the interior as subject matter including his techniques and materials, underpainting, color, composition, light treatment, how to create unity, nuance, and how to paint from a photograph....

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