This fascinating exhibition features a variety of digital and new media artworks that connect guests with nature’s creative energy and the human-made environment in innovative, often interactive ways. From artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to real-time software, custom algorithms, and virtual environments, the featured artworks use groundbreaking technologies to examine the impact of human-made systems on the natural environment, contemplating both the harmony and chaos of this relationship.

Using the science of organisms, communities, and ecosystems as models, the artworks featured in Networked Nature are programmed using cutting-edge technology to mimic and expand upon the natural patterns of life. Similar to how groups of trees, fungi, insects, and animals communicate through signals and vast networks, the works in this exhibition turn to biological models to imitate nature. With interactive installations and mesmerizing video works, the digital art experience puts a new spin on the natural world as we know it.

Artists include Refik Anadol, Gary Hill, Madeline Hollander, Leo Villareal, Saya Woolfalk, Carla Gannis and several others.