Say Yes to the Dress is a TV show where we get to peer in on women visiting a bridal shop to buy their wedding dress. The popular show has been running for 20 years and has versions all over the globe.

Every shop featured in the show has a fantastic sales staff. These sales people know the gowns in their shop. They support clients as they navigate emotional landmines with their families. They ease their customers' concerns so that they can commit to an expensive, once in a lifetime purchase.

If you are interested in learning how to market and sell with confidence, just like the sales people on TV - whether you are selling merchandise or services - in this fun class we look at clips from the show and the techniques used that help brides say yes to the dress.

This class is perfect for small business owners who would like to become more comfortable selling and marketing their businesses.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to create entertaining content that teaches
  • The meet and greet - How to begin a sales conversation
  • Tell us about your fiance - How to make genuine personal connection
  • Which gown - Helping your client make a good decision
  • The magical veil - Help your client see the end result
  • Saying Yes! - The importance of a clear decision and a clear future

Please note: Masks are required.

About the teacher:

Suzanne Dulin is founder of Get a Bigger Boat. Suzanne Dulin is a business startup consultant. She teaches that there are 6 business processes to build in a business. One of the most important processes and least understood by small business owners is the sales process. Suzanne developed sales training for Zebra Technologies, and worked with sales coaches to refine her own sales skills. In this workshop she will be teaching the sales methodology that she has shared with her own clients that have helped them to successfully launch their own businesses.