In order to make reasoned decisions, patients and their families need to be familiar with concepts and terminology related to end of life concerns. This excellent presentation by Dr. Bob Zylstra will use case examples as teaching tools to explore the moral, legal, ethical and religious implications related to end of life issues with the goal of appreciating (if not necessarily agreeing with) varied beliefs and viewpoints. Additional attention will be given to COVID related issues.

About the instructor:

Dr. Bob Zylstra, EdD, LCSW, is Professor and Director of Behavioral Medicine at the UT College of Medicine Campus in Chattanooga and Adjunct Instructor for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Bachelor of Social work program. He obtained much of his practical experience with medical ethics by serving on the medical ethics committees of Erlanger and Siskin Hospital. In addition to his involvement with family medicine he has worked as a home health social worker and supervisor of a community hospital’s social work department.