The cursed arise to destroy the guilty and the innocent as Dread Hollow’s sinister past returns with an inescapable vengeance. Reports of strange and sinister events are surfacing in Dread Hollow, a town forever cursed from evil spawned centuries ago. Rumors of twisted and bizarre experiments invite the curious to step inside Ravens Gate Prison and walk the halls where heinous and foul inmates roam. Dark forces exact vengeance, conjuring the dead in a sinister clash for power on the battle grounds of the Broken Coven. Untethered from their watery bounds, minions of the deep are unleashed to wreak havoc as river beasts lurk in the thick fog settled on Harbinger Bay.

Deliverance Escape Rooms return in 2020 with all new challenges! Three, separately ticketed mind-bending escape rooms give the chance to beat the clock and break free.

Open Thursday - Sunday Nights. October 1 - November 1. Tickets sold ONLINE ONLY. Sell out expected. For tickets and details, go to