Back by popular demand!

Cats, dogs, birds, iguanas, pigs, or sloths! In this two-day workshop, Cindy Procious will lead students through the process of sketching and painting their own beloved pet. The class will cover drawing, value, color, and edges in order to create a realistic and expressive pet portrait. Students will learn how to paint fur (or scales or feathers) and life-like eyes using direct and indirect painting techniques. Through demonstration and individual instruction in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, students will be guided through the entire process from the first drawing on the canvas to the finishing flourishes.

Students will paint from their own photograph of their pet. Before the class, students will email a photo of their pet to Cindy so she can make sure it is a good one from which to paint (see materials list for examples). A good photo will be high resolution, and at least head/shoulders fills an 8×10” frame. Try to shoot without flash, with one light source (from a window or a lamp) on one side. Eyes clear and in focus – and aim for a glint in the eye.

Instructor: Cindy Procious

Dates: July 25 & 26 | 2020 | 10 am-5 pm