"Gateless writing was born form the idea that we must silence judgements in order to create mastery."

In gateless writing classes, you will hone your craft or learn as a beginner in a safe environment with principles based on building up rather than deconstructing and offering resources rather than criticism. Gateless follows a set of guidelines which are strictly enforced to maintain an environment safe to create and express where the participants are invited to share in community.

There are many reasons why this process works. Perhaps the simplest is that what the brain focuses on, grows. If we focus on what the student is doing well she continues to blossom in these areas. What isn't working, falls away. When working in a group other listeners become stronger writers because they are focusing on what works in a piece of writing and tend to emulate those strengths when they return to their own writing. So the group as a whole, becomes stronger.

Gateless is a methodology developed by Suzanne Kingsbury during her masters thesis in creative writing. She has trained countless teachers in retreat and salon as well as helped more authors come to be published collectively than any other group. Gateless is your pathway to the work you have been scared to do, turned away from, looked sideways at and lacked respect for only because you were not sure of the immeasurable nature of your own greatness and it's power to evolve into a force of nature that can blow change and goodness throughout the world.

Whether you are a beginner or a serious writer working on memoirs or a novel you will find a safe place to learn and grow your work through Gateless. No prior writing experience needed.

Writing utensils and paper provided. Students are welcome to bring their own.

About the teacher:

Kittie Diggs is the mother of four, a writer and a painter. Kittie turned to painting and writing as ways to heal from the death of her oldest son. He died from suicide when he was 18. The hardest thing for her has been to watch her other children suffer and remain stuck in their grief. Kittie has worked extensively on herself and her past trauma in order to help her other children grow and become all that they can be in spite of suffering such a great and awful loss. As a result, Kittie is a certified Gateless writing teacher and artist. Her greatest gift is to pass along some of the knowledge of her healing on to others. it is possible to overcome and grow from even the most tragic and awful things. For her tapping into her creativity has been pivotal and she is so happy to share that now.