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  • Introduction to Weaving: Nature Weave

    Introduction to Weaving: Nature Weave
    Sat. May 23rd
    1pm – 4pm

    at The Chattery

    This class is beginner friendly, but also enjoyable for experienced weavers that want to mix it up a little. Participants will create a weaving using yarns and natural fibers, fabric, and cut flowers on a simple homemade frame loom. You will come away with the knowledge to continue your craft and a piece of your own work of woven wall art. Flowers are left...

  • Beginner Handlettering

    Beginner Handlettering
    Wed. May 27th
    6pm – 8:15pm

    at The Chattery

    Love all the cute lettering pieces you see in home décor elements? Want to learn to make your own pieces to decorate your house, give as gifts, or gussy up your snail mail? Also referred to as “modern calligraphy,” hand-lettering or brush lettering is a popular form of writing seen around DIY projects on Pinterest and Instagram. It has a more whimsical, loose...

  • Make Your Own Herbal Shrubs and Drinking Vinegars

    Make Your Own Herbal Shrubs and Drinking Vinegars
    Wed. May 27th
    6pm – 7:30pm

    at The Chattery

    A shrub or drinking vinegar was popular during colonial times. A shrub is an intriguing blend of fruit, sugar, and vinegar that was used to preserve fruit and herbs long after the harvest during an era where refrigeration was not available. Drinking vinegars are cooling and good at quenching your thirst. In this class, participants will make their own...

  • Abstract Doodling

    Abstract Doodling
    Sat. May 30th
    10am – 12pm

    at The Chattery

    Combine the meditative practice of doodling with layers of abstract paints and papers to create art perfect for your sketchbook or frame them to display in your home. Explore color, texture, paper and found objects as you build abstract art reflective of you! All supplies included. Everyone will receive a handmade journal. About the teacher: No one...

  • Let’s Make Soap

    Let’s Make Soap
    Sat. May 30th
    10am – 12:30pm

    at Crabtree Farms

    Interested in making your own soap? It’s not difficult, but there is a chemistry behind it and safety measures you must take. In this soap making class you will learn the basics of cold-process soap making. The ingredients, soap making utensils and safety equipment needed to make your own natural bars of soap will be provided. In addition, there will be a...

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