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  • The Perfect Holiday Centerpiece

    The Perfect Holiday Centerpiece
    Thu. Dec 12th
    6:30pm – 8pm

    at Fox & Fern

    In this class, you’ll learn all the ways to impress your friends and family by creating your own holiday centerpiece. Learn the fundamentals of arranging flowers in a centerpiece, using basic concepts of design. Your flowers will last longer, look cleaner and be showcased beautifully in your home! Each participant will walk away with a centerpiece of their...

  • Couple’s Massage 101

    Couple’s Massage 101
    Fri. Dec 13th
    6:30pm – 8pm

    at The Chattery

    How many times have you come home from work tired & stressed out, aching and grumpy? You look online and your massage therapist is closed. Great. Now what? You look to your partner, but all you get is a 5 minute shoulder rub and then they want you to work on them. That just doesn't work for anyone. This class is for any partner - from friends to significant...

  • Heirloom Ornament Making

    Heirloom Ornament Making
    Sat. Dec 14th
    10am – 12pm

    at The Chattery

    Some of April Corbett’s favorite memories are sitting in front of the fire and making Christmas ornaments with her grandmother. Give your ornament collection an heirloom quality with a handmade ornament that can be passed down through generations. In this class, April will teach you one of her favorite ornaments her grandmother taught her to make. The class...

  • Introduction to Weaving: Woven Gnome Ornament

    Introduction to Weaving: Woven Gnome Ornament
    Sat. Dec 14th
    1pm – 3pm

    at The Chattery

    Happy Holidays! This is a weaving class suitable for beginners and as well as experienced makers. We will be learning the basics of art weaving and creating a woven gnome ornament, also known as a tomte. A tomte is a Swedish guardian of homes and farmsteads, and the name literally means “homestead man.” Our ornaments will be made from mostly wool on a...

  • Creating a 2020 Vision Board

    Creating a 2020 Vision Board
    Sat. Dec 14th
    3pm – 5pm

    at The Chattery

    Are you ready to manifest a new destination for 2020? Are you ready to see with 2020 clarity? Come and let us help you put together a dynamic vision board that will help you bring clarity and document goals that will give you constant inspiration as you journey through the next year. All supplies will be provided to help you make your vision come to life...

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