Do you follow your gut instincts or just go with the crowd? Do you experience issues with self-confidence and lack motivation to take action and go after what you want? Are you looking to gain a greater understanding of how to enhance your vitality to increase your will power and overall zest for life?

Great, because Nikki of Naturally Just Nikki is here to "healp" you reclaim your power and BE NATURALLY JUST YOU!

This third stop in our chakra integration series allows us to tap into what drives us and lights us up. Willfully and confidently exert the power that is you with the fundamental knowledge of you as a co-creator of your life and destiny.

Join us as we give focus to our solar plexus chakra, one of empowerment and activation of our energetic masculine side. Get charged up as we connect with the element of fire to ignite our vital spark. Here is where you learn to honor yourself, follow your instincts, and take action to live your life with confidence knowing your worth.

Learn to empower yourself by calling in the energy to heal that lies within your sacral chakra. With this class we will:

  • Learn core solar plexus chakra principles and areas of focus & discipline.
  • Learn signs of solar plexus imbalance & tools to assist in realignment.
  • Learn how energy stores can show up a disease, dysfunction, and disability in the areas governed by this chakra.
  • Implement shadow work to gain a holistic understanding of why you may experience pain, fatigue, depression, & overwhelm

Integration will be implemented through:

  • Vibrational Work
  • Visualizations
  • Journal Prompting
  • Sharing Space
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Self-Assessment
  • And More!

Now is the time for you to stoke the flames of your inner fire. Gain the knowledge that will "healp" you to stand in your power with ease. Honor your truest essence with Naturally Just Nikki today!

PLEASE NOTE: Please bring a pillow/cushion or anything comfortable to sit on.

About the teacher:

Nicole "Nikki'" Hall, is an Energy Healer, Dowsing Practitioner, Certified Holistic Life Coach, and founder of Naturally Just Nikki Holistic Coaching & Wellness, a community with immense love and respect for all aspects of self-love and true natural healing. Specializing in self-remembrance and spiritual wellness, Nikki is passionate about encouraging all to seek and understand their most authentic selves. Her greatest passion lies in serving the deep feelers and sensitive people who experience overwhelm due to their inability to understand their sensitivity as a gift.

Incorporating the wisdom attained through her 12-year experience in physical therapy and her gifts as a clairsentient healer, Nikki considers her unique brand of energy healing as "healping" which simply means helping others heal themselves. This stems from the understanding of our powerful innate human ability to self-heal where her intention is to support others in connecting the limitations of their physical & functional lives, to their perceived limitation in self-belief of their own power. Her various methods include holistic education, reiki, meditation, sensory development and more. As a dowsing practitioner, Nikki is able to help neutralize and transform low-vibrational facets of your experience that no longer serve into your most optimal place of balance and alignment for your current space in time, also benefiting your future.

As a trained Coach in the Positive Intelligence community, Nikki is of the belief that we have the ability to enhance our lives from the determination of how we self-sabotage and how we have the ability to self-correct through self-grace and understanding. Through assistance with identifying strengths and the over-abuse of them, Nikki aspires to simply be a resource in you setting goals, implementing changes, overcoming obstacles, and finding harmony in being ​Naturally Just You.