This is a beginner-centered belly dance class that teaches basic veil moves and introduces you to the music and culture from which the dance originates. Introduces you the history of the viel and explains what it is and what it isn’t. You do not have to have any dance experience, nor do you have to wear mid-drift bearing attire. Just wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.

Veils and Hip-scarves to borrow during class will be provided. Bring your curiosity about the dance, your body as-is and a water bottle for hydration!

About the instructor:

Narah Nicole has been studying and performing Belly Dance for going-on 20 years in 2023. She began taking classes from Petite Jamilla, a dancer who toured the world with Miles Copeland's Belly Dance Super Stars show. She has since danced in many troupes and venues across the Southeast, from restaurants and theaters to renaissance festivals and the Texas State Fair. She guides individuals to explore belly dance in a safe environment, meeting them exactly where they are and using their curiosity about the dance as the starting point.