This workshop will introduce the basic concepts of sound therapy. Bring your questions, inquisitive minds, open hearts, and any sound healing instruments or tools that you possess.

Certified sound therapist, Jennifer Kearns, will share her knowledge about sound therapy fundamentals. You will learn how to use and play sound healing instruments and delve into musical theory and how musical concepts relate to the chakras and other healing and spiritual practices such as reiki, hypnotherapy, yoga and meditation.

This class will be beneficial to any inquiring mind, and also for practitioners and teachers who wish to incorporate sound therapy into their modality.

Towards the end of the session, we will have a short group sound healing session with everyone performing healing instruments together.

At the end, there will be basic sound therapy tools for sale.

About the Instructor:

Jennifer Kearns is a certified sound therapist, certified yoga instructor, certified Reiki master, certified in Level 3 Zenith color therapy, a licensed foster parent, has both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music, 20+ years of performance experience in Broadway, classical and pop genres as well as 20+ years experience as a music educator.

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