In this class, you will explore what your inner child looks like visually. This can help us see the parts of us that still need love or maybe how joyful our heart feels!

It won’t be so much about skill as it will be about how you feel, and giving you a space to release tension and allow your mind and emotions to flow. There will be opportunities to share if students would like to.

The instructor, River Holborn, will go over the mediums available and how each can be tied to an emotion.

PLEASE NOTE: All supplies are included.

About the teacher:

River Holborn has been an artist her whole life. After experiencing some tough life events: medical, physical, mental, family structure, and even dislike of art at one point, she has come to a place of awareness within deep herself and the world around her. Art has always held a space for her to heal and know herself. She likes to inspire others to do the same and to give students a space to feel like they are seen and accepted. Please note: River is not a licensed or credentialed art therapist.