Delve into the magical world of tiny abodes, where imagination knows no bounds. From charming crooked windows to dainty details let your creativity flourish as you construct a cozy haven fit for fairies. Unleash your inner artisan and customize your creation. Will your fairies be bright and cheerful or dark and mysterious?

Great for beginners and an introduction to creating in miniature!

About the instructor:

Mindy Kelly grew up in Georgia and moved to Chattanooga in 2006. Her first love was music and theater. An avid crafter, she dabbled in a few dozen crafty mediums as she has always enjoyed creating with her hands. She began studying with an amazing teacher in 2015 and that ignited a spark to create in mixed media and acrylic. She spent several years in the art world doing shows both locally and in other cities and being featured in some art shows and galleries along the way. Her mixed media artworks can be found in both private and corporate collections around the Southeast and as far as Dubai.

In 2019, Mindy began a journey she never wanted to take into the land of chronic illness. The world shifted in ways we are just beginning to even understand in 2020 and it gave her the cover to not have to share and to hide her struggles. A lifetime of dealing with depression and anxiety left her disabled and with chronic pain and illness. 2023 is bringing healing and a renewed sense of creative possibility. That healing includes finding arts and crafts outlets that fill the spirit and bring nothing but joy. Creating these miniature and magical worlds brings whimsy and wonder into our lives!