The best part of having a Canva Pro account is utilizing the Brand Kit.

It's more than three colors and font choices, in fact, it's multiple color pallettes, logos and icons, templates and more.

Join Canva expert Jordan Scruggs to see what you can do developing your brand kit in Canva Pro.

Please bring your own computer. Participants will need Canva Pro to participate in this class.

About the instructor:

Born and raised in Chattanooga, Jordan Scruggs is a natural communicator and driven activist specializing in human rights, racial justice and LGBTQ+ rights. Their passion comes from being raised by people who stressed the importance of change through community action. Their work has been highlighted by Organizing For Action, MTV's Logo, and The Trevor Project. Because of their digital work they were able to introduce President Obama because of it in November of 2015. Through communications and art they strive to continue their passion of uplifting the lives of individuals and communities locally and beyond.