What describes you best?

A) a curious person

B) a mind-body-spirit

C) a field of keen information and electromagnetic waves?

The correct answer is D … you are all of the above.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bioenergetics, the physics of living systems. Underlying the physical and chemical parts of us, there is a dynamic system of energy and information at play. Just as every coin has two sides so it is true with health and wellbeing. While Western mainstream medicine has accomplished wonders looking at the body system structurally and biochemically, there is another side of the health coin…bioenergetics. Bioenergetics understands and addresses the body at the fundamental level of energy and information which acts as the control system to the whole. As such, what is happening on this level is what determines how we form physically, operate physiologically and exist psychologically. This is where restoration and correction begin and are sustained. Supporting ourselves on this foundational level has the potential to restore us to optimal health, particularly now as our wellbeing is challenged by environmental toxins, chronic stress, and unhealthy lifestyle patterns. Welcome to an essential element in health and wellness. Sound exciting? It is!

About the teacher:

Hollee Brock reports that it’s been a rich road into the second half of her life. Her pursuits along the way have included a wide range of fields: movement/somatic techniques, spiritual formation/direction, gardening, writing, amateur biohacking, community development, the study of all things quantum, philosophy, walking pilgrimages and dearest to her heart…raising a large and wonderful family with her sweetheart since highschool. She’s continuing along a lifelong path of seeking what leads to true vitality and is happy to share what she has learned in this area of bioenergetics, seeing that this approach holds great potential. She hopes to support people in their innate ability to heal and live fully. The guiding word here is... HOPE! Hope not only for vitality in the body or clarity in the mind or centeredness of emotion or robust relationships but all of these. It's hope for the big YES of being alive.