Learn more about creating a beautiful garden!

Do you have a project for your yard or garden that you keep putting on the backburner because you don’t know where to start or the project seems overwhelming? Then join this class on creating a vision board tailored specifically for your garden project.

In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • Define Your Garden Goals: Bring your ideas to class and define your project.
  • Gather Inspiration: Explore a variety of ideas from gardening and home magazines that will be provided to help you gather inspiration for your garden. We will use these to incorporate ideas into your vision board.
  • Incorporate Actionable Steps: Break down your garden vision into actionable steps. We will use a project guide for your vision board to help you decide what you need to bring your vision to life, in easy-to-implement steps.
  • Revise and Refine: Receive feedback and guidance on refining your vision board.
  • By the end of the class, you'll leave with a personalized garden vision board that serves as a visual representation of your dream garden, as well as a practical guide to help you bring it to life.

About the instructor:

Karen Creel, a certified Garden Coach, has grown her own backyard vegetable gardens for over 30 years. Driven by a passion for sharing her gardening expertise and love for the craft, Karen initiated local gardening classes. Her objective is to empower individuals, regardless of their space or expertise, to grow their own food. The success of these classes led Karen to establish her own business, offering services such as garden consultations, coaching, designing raised bed kitchen gardens, complete garden installations, and various seasonal maintenance options. Beyond gardening, Karen enjoys crafting homemade soap and other bath and body products. You can read Karen's blog and sign up for her newsletter at www.Gardenchick.com. If you would like to work with Karen you can find her services here: www.GrowingwithGardenchick.com.