Offered in a relaxed and casual environment, and lead in English and Spanish, this two-part workshop focuses on the development and pronunciation of basic Spanish vocabulary and a brief overview of Hispanic culture. You will learn fundamentals including basic greetings, introductions and other polite phrases commonly used in Conversational Spanish. This workshop is intended for folks with no previous Spanish experience or those who want to freshen up on their language skills.

Please note: This two-part class takes place on the following dates.

  • APRIL 16TH 6-7:30pm | Part One
  • APRIL 18TH 6-7:30pm | Part Two

About the teacher:

Fluent in spoken and written Spanish with native proficiency, Michelle Trochez-Brown specializes in high-level interpretation and is a certified TCI Interpreter. In 2013, she founded Move Build Play, a children’s program offering immersive nature play in the mangroves of South Florida. Michelle has over a decade of experience in crafting engaging educational experiences. Her expertise extends to curriculum development, public speaking, and professional development workshops where she demonstrates a commitment to effective engagement.

When she is not teaching, she enjoys hiking the nearby trails around Chattanooga, attempting to recreate traditional Italian recipes and restoring her 1900’s historic home.