Coasting and living the mundane day to day yet knowing there’s more out there?

Or do you need guidance to help align to your highest potential and understand the transition that’s happening within your life? This is the event for you.

Learn techniques needed to navigate and grow through life's challenges, tune into your own energetic frequencies, discover how our mind and body responds to stress and eustress, and how to integrate these practices into our daily lives to create ease and flow.

We will discover our patterns and align to our divine paths in a gentle and easy way that works best individually. We will tap into our creative mind through creative expression and develop tools that will help us take steps forward to create a more fulfilling lifestyle.

PLEASE NOTE: Please bring a yoga mat, bolster or whatever comfortable seating you’d like to bring. The floor is concrete.

About the instructor:

Bri Garner is a Certified Exercise Recovery Specialist, Certified Athletic Trainer, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, and most importantly, a Light worker. With a Bachelors in Athletic Training, Sports Medicine and Masters in Kinesiology, she was able to develop a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. After years of study, certifications, and working with a wide range of individuals and athletes, her comprehensive approach to health and wellness focuses on aligning the three major pillars of the human experience; the mind, the body, and the spirit. With utilizing her clinical experience, therapeutic treatment expertise, life experiences, and intuitive gifts, she has been able help individuals optimize their health and wellness through specialized techniques such as bodywork via cupping, muscle manipulation, and movement, meditation and mindfulness teachings, and personal training. In 2019, was successfully launched Breeze Alignment Therapy; previously known as Breeze Sports Recovery Therapy LLC. Since then, she has been able to travel with her teachings, spread her wisdom and knowledge to those that are seeking help, and make meaningful and fulfilling relationships along the way.