You are not alone. Join us for this informational class that will teach you what, where, and how to care for your pelvic floor region. If you have experienced issues with leaking, pain with intimacy, felt like your body changed after childbearing or with age, or just are curious about this part of yourself, consider spending an evening with us! We are going to show you the basics, bust some common myths and spend time learning how to connect and become aware of your pelvic floor.

The class will close with a brief meditation so you can emerge connected and empowered from this beautiful sacred space within!

Note: This class will not provide medical advice, but is meant to be educational. While everyone has a pelvic floor regardless of biological sex, this class will pertain to those with female anatomy.

About the instructor:

Dr. Kat Hamblin is a doctor of physical therapy who has the joy of owning pelvic floor therapy clinic, Grounded PT. She is passionate about educating, supporting, and guiding women to connect more deeply to their bodies. She believes women have not had access to the education and knowledge they so deserve in order to make empowered decisions for themselves. She also incorporates energy healing into her work as she believes this region is the foundation for our sense of home and the fire of our creativity. Outside of PT, she loves nature and any kind of crafting.