You may think that some people are natural artists and others aren’t, but every artist (even aspiring or new artists) can drastically improve their skills by understanding the fundamentals of their subject matter and by learning simple tricks about how art, nature, and the brain work. That means that anyone can draw realistically by learning to think like an artist.

In this class you will be taught simple tools for drawing birds with more accuracy and character.

Participants will be given simple tricks to improve the proportions, artistic quality and accuracy of their drawings. Learn to follow the step-by-step process to draw more realistic birds (or anything), even if you have no art experience.

Please note: Supplies included are pencils and paper. If you have your own sketchbook and/or favorite drawing supplies, feel free to bring along!

About the instructor:

Jessalyn Beasley has been an artist for as long as she can remember. Metalsmith, painter, photographer, and now illustrator and teacher. If it’s an outlet, she’s probably tried it. Unfortunately, like many artists, her natural talent came with a side of debilitating perfectionism. After a lifetime of learning the hard way, she has made it her aim to teach others that there is no place for “perfect” in art. Jessalyn’s current endeavors include teaching children to be confident artists, and peddling the children’s book about birds that she wrote and illustrated titled, “Little Birder, A Field Guide to Birds of the Alphabet.” She is happy to announce that she is now a “recovering” perfectionist.