Have you ever been exercising and wondered “how is this working?” or “is this working?”. In this event, Dr. Chris Collins and KHF are teaming up to teach you how your body uses food like carbohydrates and fat to fuel your exercise.

What you can expect:

  • Dr. Collins will breakdown the 101 on how your body metabolism works to break down macros like carbohydrates and fat in food for fuel
  • A Kyle House Fitness Trainer will guide you through a warm up, workout, yoga routine, and cool down
  • Attendees will enjoy snacks and a special gift after the event

About the instructor:

Dr. Chris Collins is a holistic practitioner, women's health advocate, Chattanooga local liaison, and all around super-dad. He practices at The Specific Chiropractic Centers in the Northshore, and his passion for health goes beyond the spine and focuses on supporting the nervous system and helping clients create holistic healthy lifestyles. He is currently authoring his first book on how to help women reclaim their relationship with health.