Attendees will practice how to speak up in these critical moments to achieve effective delivery. Attendees will also practice how to take in opinions or values different from their own. Build your communication skill-set as you are engaged in fun and challenging activities that allow you to self-reflect and then practice the tools necessary for effective communication both personally and professionally, no matter the power, position, or authority of the audience.

Participants will:

  1. Navigate disagreements
  2. Build acceptance and minimize resistance
  3. Speak effectively, not abrasively, about high-stakes, emotional, or controversial topics
  4. Develop teamwork and informed decision-making.

About the instructor:

Sal Corbin worked for 15 years in academia as a Psychology Professor before transitioning to nonprofit work. He has done workforce development training and program management and is now a Training Coordinator for the Behavioral Health System of Baltimore and Board Chair for the DC Peace Team. His vision is to help others build and maintain healthy relationships with conflict transformation as the primary focus. His extensive background in leadership facilitation supports his efforts to keep showing up and sharing. He holds degrees in Clinical (M.S.) and Educational (PhD) Psychology.