For this class session, you can receive an Aura photo from Aura Soul (choices are before/after or just after) along with a Sound Bath, or just a Sound Bath.

This class times are broken up into multiple parts.

From 1-2pm, those who signed up for the "Sound Bath + Before/After Photo Package" will have their Aura photo taken. Please note: There are only 10 slots available for this package.

From 2-3pm, everyone will enjoy the Sound Bath. You will be led on a carefully crafted sound journey using many healing instruments and sound therapy techniques. If you do not opt into the "Sound Bath + Before/After Package", arrive a little before 2pm to get settled in. PLEASE NOTE: Bring a yoga mat and any pillows/blankets for this class. The floor is concrete.

After 3pm, anyone who signed up for the "Sound Bath + Before/After Photo Package" or the "Sound Bath + After Photo Package" will stay to have their Aura photos taken.

About the Instructor:

Jennifer Kearns is a certified sound therapist, certified yoga instructor, certified Reiki master, certified in Level 3 Zenith color therapy, a licensed foster parent, has both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music, 20+ years of performance experience in Broadway, classical and pop genres as well as 20+ years experience as a music educator.

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About Aura Soul:

Aura Soul Photos is Chattanooga’s only aura photographer, and they love capturing the beautiful colors of your aura! They are a husband and wife team, and they offer aura portraits, chakra photos and full energy reports to customers. Each reading takes 5-10 minutes, and you will receive a printed photo along with a card which explains what the colors of your aura mean.