Do you want to dip your toe into something new or perhaps push yourself to take up more space while performing? This four-week course is for you!

We will start by establishing some fundamental pieces of play and then dive into playing with power. Power can come through in many ways: dynamics between characters, bold choices, and confident tone, we look to explore as many as possible. Even if you're naturally a quiet observer, this course will challenge you to step into the spotlight and claim center stage without sacrificing your ensemble or the scene.

This class is open to all skill levels.

The course is four weeks and will take place on Wednesdays in April starting on April 3.

About the instructor:

Bethany Morgan has been learning and performing improv for 24 years and considers herself a passionate student of the art. She is an alumni of the Second City Training Center (Chicago), iO Training Center (Chicago), Annoyance Training Center, and Chemically imbalanced Comedy where's she had the great privilege of learning from some of the major players in the Chicago improv scene. She likes to borrow and steal from all the notable methods of improv to help create something truly magical within a scene or a show. While "Yes, and" has become synonymous with improv, she pushes herself and her students to play authentically, intelligently, and fueled with emotional commitment.