We live in an addicted society. Our addictions (cycles of harm) are all attempts to manage the pain of suffering. As individuals we need to be able to identify our cycles of harm and build new tools of healing for our lives. In this workshop we’ll do both. First, we’ll talk openly about addiction, not only in its grosser forms like alcohol, drug, and sex addictions, but also in its more subtle forms like addiction to relationships (codependency), dysfunctional behaviors (food/money/media/exercise), and harmful mindsets. Then we’ll uncover empowering practices to overcome addiction. Everyone is in need of healing - recovery from addictive behaviors begins now.

About the teacher:

Adam Hudson M.A. is a professional educator and Integral Life Coach specializing in recovery from addiction and cycles of harm. His work is inspired by his own journey of sobriety over the last 12 years. His Integral Coaching centers on helping his clients overcome cycles of harm by empowering spiritual fitness. Adam has two M.A.'s from the San Francisco based school, CIIS.org in Consciousness & Transformation and completed his third Master's degree in Education at UTC this year.