Back by popular demand, Don Eaves Heritage House in East Brainerd will once again host its popular free acoustic concerts for the general public . . .

On the evening of Thursday, June 1st, audience members will be entertained by a host of talented performers – including . . .

Zac Chastain

Zac was raised astride the North Georgia and Tennessee state lines, and as such, baptized in great country music from an early age. Influences ranging from Hank Williams, Jr. to Travis Tritt to the rural rock of The Eagles and even the classic rock of The Steve Miller band all formed part of his regular listening as a youth.

After catching the music bug at an early age, Zac continued to play music for most of his life – many times accompanied by members of his family.

Then, beginning in 2018, Zac went live as an artist and, after a couple years of the solo circuit, formed the group THE COSMIC STRANGERS – featuring a vintage classic rock sound that hearkens back to the days of smoke-filled bars and simpler times.

Now featuring lead guitarist Slaten Dooley, the group has been performing together since 2020 – creating a style of music that melds their shared roots in country with a hearty dose of good ol’ Southern rock ‘n’ roll.

Zach’s music can be heard on Facebook.

Josh Wheeler

Josh has played music all over the world, but now calls the Scenic City home. Known for his quirky and often humorous songwriting which mixes acoustic guitar, ukulele, and harmonica into his live sets, in recent years Josh has shifted his focus more towards songwriting – releasing his debut studio album, SEVEN STORIES TALL, in 2021.

Josh’s music can be heard on Facebook.

Richard Daigle

The musical muse visited Richard during the quarantine of 2020, resulting in the release of his first album, AVERAGE JOE. A lifelong fan of John Prine, Richard bought Prine‘s first album while he was an undergrad and saw his first Prine concert in the late seventies.

Later, as a reporter for a daily paper in South Georgia, he had the “prine opportunity” to not only interview his musical idol, but share an evening’s meal with him.

Given all of this, Richard’s songs are understandably Prine-inspired and can now be heard echoing from music halls in both the Nashville and Chattanooga areas.

Richard’s music can be found at his website.

Jeff Hoffinger

A guitarist, singer-songwriter who lives in Ringgold, GA, Jeff began playing guitar as a teenager and wrote his first song when he was 16.

His early years were spent playing solo in New York City coffee houses and with The Unicorn Tapestry Band. During the 70’s and 80’s, Jeff played with the Chase Manhattan, Go4broke and Harvest bands in the Midwest, winning several competitive contests where his songs were subsequently featured on an album.

In September of 2019, Jeff played with Ryan Oyer at the Heritage House Arts and Civic Center, in the first of the ongoing Generations concerts presented there.

Jeff now writes and records at home and plays at various area venues -- looking forward to playing at Heritage House each quarter with another group of talented musicians.

Mr. Hoffinger has recorded two compact discs, CITY DUDE and COLLAGE, and Jeff’s songs can be accessed via Spotify.

About The Concert

The performance at Heritage House will be held on Thursday, June 1st at 7pm inside the large neo-Georgian mansion located at the heart of Jack Benson Heritage Park at 1428 Jenkins Road in East Brainerd.

*** (Children who are happy to be quiet and attentive during such an event are more than welcome; however, no texting, phones, or video games will be allowed during the event.)

The series is made possible by the Chattanooga Department of Community Development and the friendly staff at Don Eaves Heritage House Arts & Civic Center.

For more information, please contact the Heritage House Arts & Civic Center at (423) 855-9474 or view further information on their main Facebook page.

The Heritage House Arts & Civic Center, a division of the City of Chattanooga, offers concerts, film screenings, English Country Dance lessons, and the most unusual of arts classes for all.

The facility promotes the arts in all its forms, playing an integral role in engaging the community through creativity as well as original thinking.

Heritage House also helps the Chattanooga community to raise its visibility and to foster relationships among fellow artists and arts supporters.

In this regard, Heritage House helps to make real, through the arts, Mayor Tim Kelly’s mandate to “preserve the quality and authenticity of Chattanooga’s public spaces and uphold the city’s longstanding commitment to bring world class public art to every neighborhood.”

Located at 1428 Jenkins Road, ‘The House’ and its programs are open to everyone and most activities are free.*

* (There is a small charge for supplies for the arts workshops and classes.)

The House is also available for rental for private events evenings and weekends for a very reasonable fee.

If interested, please contact Director Chris Holley at (423) 855-9474 or via email.