This is a family & pet friendly festival. This year's Music for Mutts is sponsored by Chattanooga Bud Dispensary and produced by Chattanooga Bands Production
Local musicians coming together for a good cause. The event is Free to the public but encouraged to purchase a compilation CD of all the bands/artist that are preforming all proceeds from sale will benefit The Pet Placement Center which is the oldest no kill shelter in Chattanooga. They are non-profit, but because the shelter doesn't contract with any local municipal entities, they don't receive any government funding. Proceeds will help with the cost of the up keep and to bring awareness to help shelter animals find forever homes.Admission is FREE!


  • Dayz of Deception
  • Silver Tongued Devilz
  • DhD
  • Cash Clip
  • Justin & the Juicetones
  • Wicked Weird
  • Bindy
  • Angelina Claire
  • Cara Madaris
  • Brownie Hamilton
  • Sylyns
  • Gozombiego
  • The Tweakers
  • Rustic Reign
  • Jack Endelouz
  • Final Fairground
  • Subkonscious
  • Crossroad Gypsies