Teni Rane grew up in and around a community of Chattanooga musicians who helped nurture in her an early love for music. Through each stage of her writing life, her original songs have revealed a level of maturity that allows her to weave common experiences into songs that captivate people in every age range. Her vocals carry power and finesse rolled together with perfect balance to evoke the emotional feel of her lyrics, and her Americana-take on select covers is delightfully unexpected and well-received by a wide demographic.

From East Tennessee to Arkansas to Sweden and back again, music and writing has underpinned Rane's life as she strives to capture shining moments and reconcile the confusing and difficult situations and emotions that come up as we navigate human life.As a child she was often found belting out lyrics in the back seat on the way to just about anywhere. That six CD changer exposed her to the writing of Nanci Griffith, Carol King, Beth Woods, John Prine, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and many other greats. The resulting flavor of her original work is an eclectic mix influenced by the earliest writing she encountered, as well as by contemporary pop music.


Will Payne Harrison: With two albums and an EP under his belt since relocating to Nashville several years ago, 2022 sees Will Payne Harrison set to release Tioga Titan, his most cohesive and emotionally-mature album to date. His first self-produced effort, this new record leans fully into the sounds and songwriting flourishes that earned the Music City its moniker — rife with fiddle, pedal steel, two- beat bass and shuffled drum beats, airtight vocal harmonies, and a healthy dose of love, loss,and other timeless themes of the country music tradition.

While the native Louisianian has established himself as a fixture of the East Nashville scene these days, Harrison still wears his Cajun heritage proudly on his sleeve, as the album takes its name from the small town where he was born and raised. The title track is a country/western tall tale about a “Titan of Tioga” — written from a first-person perspective — poking fun at the irony of being a big fish in a small pond while still evoking a palpable sense of pride for his roots and Main Street USA in general.

“Mommas don’t let your sons end up like me,” he croons sardonically (while also shamelessly nodding to a certain famous country song).After years spent honing his craft in Nashville, Harrison embraces the new while nodding to the past with a wry grin on this new album, and has managed to create a collection of ten rich and rewarding country songs that showcase a songwriter at the top of his game. Life is complicated; sometimes we need a laugh, sometimes we need to cry, and Tioga Titan offers both in droves as Harrison takes us on a journey towards that light at the end of the tunnel.