Narrative 4 is on a mission to bring people out of isolation and into meaningful connection to address an epidemic of loneliness and the negative impact it’s having on our wellbeing. Narrative 4 believes we are better equipped to address our greatest challenges when we are more deeply connected. Through stories we build connections, and through connections we build community.

This class is especially for teachers, counselors, mentors, advisors, administrators, librarians, artists, youth leaders, community leaders and activists.

All participants will become certified facilitators of the Narrative 4 story exchange method.

Once trained, you can use the story exchange for many purposes, including:

  • building a positive community culture

  • giving young people a voice

  • learning about others through their personal stories

  • nurturing joyful and creative connections

  • strengthening natural empathic abilities

  • inspiring civic engagement

During the workshop, Amanda Roche and Kate Rudder will explain Narrative 4’s core methodology, explore the importance of empathy, and impart the key skills and knowledge you'll need to be an effective story exchange facilitator. They will brainstorm with you about using Narrative 4 in your own communities and introduce to you the ongoing support we provide after the class: the role of an advisor, learning resources, and a network of artists and educators.

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About the Teachers:

Based in Nashville, Amanda Cantrell Roche divides her time between working as a teaching artist in schools and community settings, creating narrative art, and advising and training for Narrative 4. Versed in restorative arts, somatic practices, journalism, dance, and arts integration, Amanda brings 20 years' experience of collaborative school residencies and arts-immersion professional development for teachers to her work with N4. Her alchemy is most powerful when she combines a trilogy of her deepest passions: choreography, writing, and social justice.

Based in Chattanooga, Kate facilitates story exchanges and links individuals and organizations with Narrative 4 training and events. Educated in writing & literature, anthropology, and public administration, Kate's work revolves around the power of story to build connection, make meaning, and inspire civic engagement. Kate brings 25 years of experience from around the world as an English teacher, community organizer, school board chair, and humanitarian aid program manager and advisor on advocacy and communication.

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