In Teaology 101, we will explore the amazing, healing world of tea. In this fun, interactive class, you will be able to see, smell and taste a variety of different teas from around the world. Not only will we sample the different teas, but also instructor Tiffany Malapanes will go into detail about the healing properties of each tea, and talk about what makes them so different and special. We will also talk about the different methods of brewing tea, different water temperatures and more.

Teas we will be covering in this class are the following: Black tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Puerh Tea, Oolong Tea, Rooibos, and some herbals. As a bonus for attending this class, each person will go home with their very own bag of loose leaf tea.

About the instructor:

Tiffany Malapanes is the former owner of Positiffitea Tea company, where she created and hand-blended an assortment of different healing herbal teas. She has been studying teas, herbalism and holistic nutrition for close to 2 decades. With a degree in Global Studies: Nutrition, she has a unique, global perspective on health, wellbeing and nutrition. She loves teaching about nutrition, herbalism and health, because it helps people live their happiest, healthiest and fullest lives.