What makes a good photo? is it the best camera, light or a fast lens? While these help, in this beginning photography we will focus on composition, or "What's in your shot". Why did you take that shot? What story are you trying to tell? Is there more than one way to shoot that?

Join us and come learn basic techniques of creating (or composing) a great photo shot as we go on a "photography hunt" of everyday objects found in and around the local park. Don’t have a state of the art camera? No worries. If you have a smartphone, bring that! Whether it's a camera or an iPhone, come join the fun. Photography is constantly changing but an awesome photo never does.

This class is in partnership with Refection Riding and The Chattery for a Fall outdoor learning series. A portion of ticket sales will go toward Reflection Riding.

About the teacher:

Joshua Allen is founder and owner of Jam Sessions Productions LLC, "A Conduit of Multimedia storytelling". As a full time photographer and videographer, Joshua produces stunning and vivid professional portrait, event and real estate photography as well as wedding and music videography. An accomplished musician on saxophone and piano as well as a licensed public school teacher, Joshua uses his creative spirit and educator background as an opportunity to capture and retell each one of his client's unique story through photo or film. When not working on a project, Joshua can be found playing his saxophone in and around Chattanooga, or spending time with wife and 3 kids.