Ready to learn how to make a cute first day of school sign using basic lettering? This online class will teach you how to hand letter with Crayola markers! This class will give you the basics of lettering while guiding you through creating your own sign.

Supplies: All supplies provided. Everyone will receive a pack of Crayola markers and posterboard.

About the instructor:

Lesley Miller is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina and has gradually been moving west for the past fifteen years. She spent many years teaching elementary school and middle school science in Knoxville. When her son turned one, she left the classroom to stay home with him and eventually found her way to hand lettering, after spending a lot of time admiring it on Instagram! As a crafty kid and an adult scrapbooker, hand lettering gave her a new way to express her creativity and love of letters! Lesley is so excited to be an editor and contributing artist for Penultimate Magazine. She has been lettering for about two years and teaching lettering for almost one. Lesley promises that you will walk out of class with the tools you need to get started on your own lettering journey!