The Chattery is partnering with Chattanooga Girls Rock to offer sexual education workshops for youth and adults. For information about the workshop for girls, trans and nonbinary youth ages 12-17, click here.

At what age do you start the conversation about sex and all the matters that come with it? This class will prepare guardians and parents to discuss sex and sexual health with the youth in their lives. Topics include condoms, birth control, STIs, consent, and more. Come ready and willing to dismantle preconceptions on sex and sexuality!

This class is for parents, guardians, or anyone who leads/engages with youth in their lives.

Please note: Masks are required.

About the instructor:

Kelley Quinn is a sex educator located in Chattanooga, TN. She focuses on consent education, bystander intervention, violence prevention, and intersections of privilege--particularly in queer spaces. She is committed to the continuous journey of learning and unlearning and she believes she is as much an educator as a learner in her field. Kelley earned her M.Ed. in Human Sexuality and her B.A. in English and Gender & Sexuality. She currently works at ETR, a sexual health organization, where she helps teach educators how to deliver Sexual & Reproductive Health curricula.