This art therapy workshop is dedicated to providing participants with an opportunity to create their very own self-care containers.

Art therapy is a method of using visual aids (i.e. artistic media) to explore abstract thoughts and metaphors, helping to make the intangible tangible. Therefore, providing objective space for individuals to explore themselves inwardly without becoming easily overwhelmed or discouraged. Life's struggles can accumulate (with no help from a global pandemic) and if the residual stress and worries related to these troubles are left unattended, we can find ourselves burned out, apathetic, irritable, exhausted, and, in some cases, even physically ill. This workshop invites participants to put themselves first, to take the necessary time for themselves, and consider what it is that they need.

In this class, you'll create your very own self-care container. Self-care containers are filled with things that remind you of fond memories or little trinkets that have some sort of sentimental value or can serve as a symbol of something. Examples of things to place inside might be photographs of loved ones, uplifting letters or postcards from family and friends, things like a pair of sunglasses (could symbolize a reminder to get outdoors/relax/take time to smell the roses, etc.), an envelope containing cash bills to save up for fun, rewarding little things to do on a rainy day or to help pay off that outstanding balance, a candle with a particular scent that brings a sense of calm/ease, post-it notes written by yourself to yourself of positive affirmations. Your self-care container and its contents will be individual to you and your needs.

In addition to creating self-care containers, topics to be explored in this workshop include but are not limited to:

  1. What is self-care?

  2. What does it look like for you?

  3. What expressions of self-care do you need more of?

  4. How can you best practice and implement these on a regular basis?

As a group, we'll uncover practical ways to learn how to take better care of the most important person in our lives.

Please note: Masks are required.

About the teacher:

Lexi D'Ambrosio, MA, ATR-P, is an art therapist who uses art as another means of communicating. In her life as well as her work with clients, she uses art as a tool for authentic self-expression, agency, and growth. She is passionate about helping people help themselves, facilitating their reconnection to their inherent wisdom, and empowered inner-most self. She works well with those who experience deep-seated feelings of shame, guilt, self-doubt, or a low sense of self-worth. Specific populations include those who have ever struggled with disordered eating, addictive behaviors, or who have a history of trauma. Lexi D'Ambrosio received her master's in Counseling and Art Therapy from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM, and is accredited by the National Art Therapy Credentials Board. Currently, she works privately, catering her services to teens and adults, individuals as well as couples, within Chattanooga and the surrounding areas. Lexi also offers discounted group learning for workshops online as well as in-person. Take a look at her website here to learn more!